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Online Marketing News: Best Times for Social, Pinterest Shopping Bag, Twitter’s New Dashboard

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online marketing news The Complete Social Media Guide: How and When to Post on Social Media [Infographic]
One of the biggest tenants of social marketing is to meet your audience in the right place at the right time. But that right time varies by channel, network, and a variety of other factors. What’s a marketer to do? This helpful infographic spells out the when and what of social media posting. StartABlog123.com Pinterest Launches Shopping Bag, Buyable Pins for Desktop
Pinterest has long been a destination for shoppers who are looking for ideas for anything from clothes to groceries. Recently, the social media platform took a big step in the way of making the journey from pin to purchase easier for users. According to Pinterest’s Tim Weingarten: “With your new shopping bag, you can throw in any buyable pin that catches your eye, whether you’re shopping on your Android or the web (iOS to come!). When you’re ready to check out, everything you’ve added to your bag will be right there waiting for you.” SocialTimes New ‘Dashboard’ tool from Twitter gives businesses a simple, all-in-one management suite
Twitter has made ‘Dashboard’ available to all businesses for desktop and iOS – the streamlined solution is aimed at making adopting Twitter simple for organizations that may not be familiar with the platform. This new feature reduces the need for third party platforms for scheduling Tweets and more extensive searches, and even gives users tips and suggested topics to Tweet about. Marketing Land Facebook Is Changing Its News Feed Algorithm to Focus Less on Publishers’ Content
In one of many blows to media publishers the platform has landed lately, Facebook is changing its New Feed algorithm again to focus less on publisher content and more on content from a user’s friends and family. Given that more referral traffic to news sites and publisher sites comes from Facebook than from Google, this change could negatively impact media publishers in terms of traffic and potentially subscriptions and other revenue sources. So what can be done? Publishing content that is readily and easily shared is key to retaining that traffic — the platform will continue to show posts that are frequently shared and with which users are engaging. AdWeek users prefer branded videos on youtube Survey: Amazon beats Google as starting point for product search
A new survey has shown that more shoppers (38%) are starting their product search on Amazon than on Google (35%). Some of the key reasons cited for this preference are Amazon’s reviews, product selection, free shipping, deals and pricing. Search Engine Land Content Marketing 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands
Onalytica named their top 100 content marketing influencers and brands this week, and there are some big names on the list. In a digital ecosystem where content marketing is becoming increasingly engrained in everything from influencer marketing to SEO, these lists give marketers a list of people to look to for the latest and greatest in content marketing though leadership that can be applied throughout their digital strategy. Full disclosure, both TopRank and our CEO Lee Odden made the list, as did well known industry experts, and a mix of agencies and brands. Onalytica Nearly One-Third of the World Will Use Social Networks Regularly This Year
Yes, you read that correctly. 2.34 billion people will access social networks on a frequent basis, worldwide, this year. According to a new eMarkteter report, the rise of Snapchat and Instagram, along with other major players entering the market, have largely contributed to this growth. eMarketer What were your top online marketing news stories this week? I’ll be back next week with my co-pilot Josh and more online marketing news for your watching and reading pleasure. Have something to add? Tweet me @Tiffani_Allen or @toprank!

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Digital Marketing News: ROI Acronyms, Google Ranking Factors and Twitter’s New Look

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SEMrush Ranking Factors Study 2017
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Check Out Our New Look!
Twitter has listened to the feedback from its users and have made some updates to the design. Some of the new features include: Typography has been refined to be more consistent with bolder headlines and rounded profile photos, Tweets are now updated instantly on the mobile app with replies, retweets and like counts so you can see real-time conversations and links to articles and websites now open in Safari’s viewer in iOS so you can easily access accounts on websites you’re already signed into. (Twitter Blog)

LinkedIn Adds Images in Comments, New Opportunities for Job Listings
There have been many small yet impactful new updates to LinkedIn recently, due to audience demand. One new feature is you can now add images into comments on posts within the LinkedIn platform. Another boost for LinkedIn is Google’s new tool which helps people find jobs directly through Google search, which sorts through various listings, including LinkedIn. (Social Media Today)

Instagram Stories Now Has 250 Million Daily Active Users, Heating Up Its Rivalry With Snapchat
Instagram Stories is the section of disappearing posts, which recently pulled ahead of Snapchat with an increase of 50 million users in just two months. Instagram also announced that users are now allowed to replay live video instead of it immediately disappearing. (AdWeek)

Google’s Job Listings Search is Now Open to All Job Search Sites & Developers
Google is now offering a formal path for outsiders to add job listings in Google search. Although it doesn’t have an official name, it’s part of the Google for Jobs initiative. You can also track how well your job listings are doing in Google search with a new filter in the Search Analytics report in the Google Search Console. (Search Engine Land)

Oh, How Pinteresting!
Pinterest rolled out a fresh new look for Lens, and instead of only being able to recreate your favorite restaurant dishes at home, Lens can now recognize and recommend outfit ideas including shoes, shirts, hats and other styles. The new interface and built-in tools make it easy to Lens the world around you. (Pinterest Blog)

The Most Important Skills for B2B Tech Marketers
B2B technology marketers rely on many skills for their niche market. The most important skills among Millennials, Generation Xers and Baby Boomers were soft skills, including communication and people management and writing skills. Others included digital media marketing and content marketing. (MarketingProfs)

What were your top digital marketing news stories this week?

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The post Digital Marketing News: ROI Acronyms, Google Ranking Factors and Twitter’s New Look appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®.

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